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Our experience with this host
We are a small web developer team looking for new hosts for our clients, one of whom lives in Singapore or the UK.
Has done the usual duty of care to this host of whom he had never heard of. They contacted them for their server specifications and received an answer in the average time.
With Chrome, all credentials for a new account were properly filled out. Tried to pay with Paypal, but was repeatedly redirected to the host, got stuck in a loop and could not pay. Decided to try FF and then pay. So far, so good.

You have received an e-mail stating that our account should be checked if everything is ok.
We then started preparing, backing up and downloading our customers' website for transfer, ready for account details.
We received another e-mail with the following information:

"We regret to inform you that your account did not pass our review process.
Your order has been canceled and will be refunded to you shortly. "

Well, that's new, that's never happened to us. We immediately received an e-mail statement – no answer!
Has been around for a while and decided to contact her directly in her chat.

"[14:36] US: Trying to figure out why our recent order was refunded without further explanation, except "We regret to inform you that your account did not pass our review process."
We need to know what caused the problem, because we had difficulties with the payment process and would like to be able to sort it. We are web developers and already have locations in Singapore, so we are not sure what the problem might be.
Order Number: 1234567890 Did you send an e-mail but you did not receive an answer. Please advise.
[14:37] System: Our employees are currently busy and will be taking care of you shortly. We ask for your patience and understanding. Many Thanks.
[14:37] OP has joined the conversation
[14:38] OP: Hello everybody, please wait while I check this for you.
[14:38] US: thanks
[14:40] OP: I asked STAFF who processed your order. Unfortunately, we can not approve your order because your account did not pass our review process.
[14:41] OP: Unfortunately, we can not provide you with any further information about our internal review process.
[14:42] OP: The payment for your order has been successfully refunded to your Paypal account.
[14:42] Billy: Is there something we can help you with?
[14:42] US: So how do you proceed if we do not know what the problem is?
[14:43] US: Sounds unfair and looks like we did something wrong
[14:44] OP: We regret to inform you that your account did not pass our review process
You can continue with the search for an alternative web hosting provider. "

That's basically everything we have.
We actually told them that we also searched for hosting in the UK and asked if there was a point where we would apply for another account – no answer!

We understand that hosting companies have the discretion to accept or decline new customers, and we respect that. It is not good business practice to provide an explanation for canceling an account or not responding to emails. This does not help anyone. Sends the wrong signals. Nobody wants to hear that they "did not pass our review process", at least without any explanation. How can you correct something if you do not know the problem?
Good luck with this business model.

Take what you want, just our experience.