7.0 nougat – How do I disable Google Play Store apps so that they can not activate without my permission?

If I restart the Android 7 device's phone that is not rooted, the Google Play Store apps must not be rerun unless I re-enable implicit execution. (Currently, the disabling button for this app is disabled, which prevents the app from being disabled.)

Another reason for disabling the Google Play Store app is that the download is kept in the background without user permission and at the wrong time, so the app I use can not use all the bandwidth.

Additionally, the Google Play Store app has no options to set the time for the update. (Google needs to learn this feature from the Microsoft Windows Update Scheduler!)

According to my findings, I need to connect to a PC and use the ADB as follows:

ADB devices
ADB Shell
cmd appropriate set  Ignore RUN_IN_BACKGROUND

However, it does not seem to work for these Google apps (like Google Play Store apps)!

Please do not ask me to install BackgroundRestrictor (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.pavelsikun.runinbackgroundpermissionsetter/) because it can only be used on a rooted Android 7 phone.

Please do not tell me to root my phone.

Finally, please do not say that this question is a duplicate of this question: how can Play Store disable the update itself? This question is almost 6 years old and may not apply to Android 7 phones.