7.1 Nougat – My internally installed SD card is missing and no app can write on my phone

Okay, I'm not an Android guru, so I'll do my best here. Some time ago, my small 4GB suspected LG SDHC Micro SD card installed an internal memory on this ZTE model N9137, suddenly saying Lexar SD card did not insert what it always said it was a Lexar card. Since then, an unsupported SD card, which is under Settings / Memory in the Portable Storage / SD Card section, is now also displayed. The other is rite under the phone system in the device storage area.

Well, I had hundreds of pictures, videos, recordings and other user files both on the phone's original memory and on this SD card. Since this originally started, I went to Photos App, and as soon as it originally stated, it went like a country, from many hundreds of images, to no one on the device. Photos are shown here.

The phone shows the original memory as in the settings and how much free space there is, but the file manager indicates that 0 bites were used and 0 bites are available on the phone drive and any other apps I run that have everything in the phone memory Let's say they can not save anything, and as far as installing and uninstalling apps is concerned, everything seems to work normally.

The last one I remember was still at least 1.5 GB available on the SD card when it all started.

I currently have nothing but Android devices available to fix this problem.

If required, I can provide more details.

Has anyone ever seen that? I read a few things here but could not find a suitable answer. ?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone could have on this topic.

Oh yes, my gallery app only appears for a fraction of a second and disappears since it started, including the fact that I had temporarily installed another SD card that already had data and images on it, which has been flawless since then plug in and unplug This problem originally started.

Just let me know any other information that is needed.

Thanks again.