7 – How do I delete block data from the table of the module I have created?

I've written a Drupal 7 module that adds about ten fields to the block management configuration form and stores the values ​​for those fields in its own database table. My module does not build blocks, but extends the functionality of a block, no matter which module it created.

I want my module to erase the data in its own table when a module erases a block block Table. Is there a hook or other "universal" method to know when a block was deleted?

There does not seem to be one hook_block_delete()although there is hook_node_delete() and hook_entity_delete(),
I've looked at development guides to build blocks for some clues, but none of them found any examples of how they should be deleted. I also looked at the source code of modules that create / delete blocks, like the Views module, but I can not say how or if they send a notification that they have deleted a block.