7 – Previous week is calculated wrongly in Views

I have a view with 1 contextual filter. This filter using a field of type: Date.

Configuration of this contextual filter:

  • When the filter value is NOT available: Provide default value -> Current Date
  • Granularity: Week

In same view, I also use Pager by date, so I’ve links in the view to the previous and next week.

As of Today (2021-01-09), the link to “Previous week” in the view is pointing to “2020-W04″ (❌), not sure why!!
The link to “Next week” is showing correct value, i.e. 2021-W04 (✅)

I’ve struggling since fist day with the year with Year/Week numbers. Any idea why this is happening?


  • Site is using Drupal v7.69, Views module v7.x-3.24, Date module v7.x-2.10
  • Site Regional settings -> First day of week: Saturday