8.0 oreo – any trick to disable Files program?

On my previous, LG phones, with OS 4.4.2 and 5.0.1, whenever I wanted to attach a file like in e-mail or upload with my browser, I was always given the option of how I wanted to browse — with the media browser (Photos, Video, Music, Documents), the native file manager, Recents, a 3rd-party file manager, etc. “Kit-Kat”/4.4.2 was the far better UI, but both worked, were serviceable.

Now, with OS 8 on a Motorola, google (or perhaps Motorola, tho Files is a google/android program, and things seem fairly straight-out-of-the-box android, with some Motorola programs tacked on, but not overlaid) has decided I only need to use their Files program and only to browse Recents, which doesn’t include any sort of documents, really, just DLed images, video, etc. This is keeping with running Files directly, from the program list, where only the Downloads folder is provided. Clicking the Menu button, I have options of a New Window, New Folder, to Select All, or to Show/Hide Internal Storage (which doesn’t do anything; Downloads is in internal storage, shipdit).

I’m through wondering where a Recents folder is and how to put something in it, or otherwise make it appear there, and want to totally disable Files, but of course, that option is disabled on the program info screens. I’ve effectively never used it in 10 months I’ve been on this device, only MiXplorer (rare exceptions where it is actually a recent file, like a screenshot). This makes it very difficult to use e-mail, as I have to first choose files to attach and “Share” them with my e-mail program, writing the text afterward; replying or forwarding is impossible — I have to do that, then send another e-mail with the attachment as follow-up (‘ditto,’ previous parenthetical).

Sometimes, like when I DL certain files with the browser, when they finish, I’m given a pop-up at the bottom of the screen as to what I want to do with it, with what program I want to open it, and the option to always use that, but again, the reverse option — attaching/uploading — doesn’t exist, apparently, as I absolutely never chose to always use Files.

So, short of rooting, is there some trick to disabling it, make it stop operating (Force Stop doesn’t work, of course; it just starts up again whenever you decide to attach/upload something), or to prompt the option dialog of what program to use? Could disabling be done with ADB, tho how would would disabling it in any way, effect the device working, like would it just do nothing, lock up, crash when tried, or might that prompt the option dialog?