8 – Filter nodes by referenced entity’s taxonomy term

I have 2 content types (Magazine Issue, Magazine Content) and a taxonomy (Magazine Type). Magazine Content (pages, articles) has an entity reference field referencing Magazine Issue (the entry for a month) which in turn has an entity reference field to Magazine Type (the line of magazines).

So the relationship is

Magazine Type (e.g. Nat Geo)
Magazine Issue (e.g. Nat Geo, Oct 2005)
Magazine Content (e.g. How to Train a Tiger)

What I’d like to do is have a view block on the Magazine Content pages show the latest Magazine Issue of the Magazine Type the current Magazine Content belongs to. That means, if you view the How to Train a Tiger article, which references Nat Geo Oct 2005, the view should show Nat Geo 2020.

I’ve already done this on the Magazine Issue level, having a view render the latest Magazine Issue whose Magazine Type reference is the same as the one referenced by the currently viewed Magazine Issue (Contextual Filters). But showing this on the Magazine Content level (a level down) is proving to be a mind-bender.

Any pointers on how to achieve this would be very helpful.