8 – Get path (alias) from SQL query

I have a SQL query to get all nodes with their ID, title, publish date, change date, etc.

Additionally I need to get path to each of them (probably from path_alias.alias).

Now I have following (without alias):

SELECT MIN(node_field_data.nid) AS nid,node_field_data.type, node_field_data.status, node_field_data.title, node_field_data.langcode AS node_field_data_langcode, node_field_data.created, node_field_data.changed
INNER JOIN node ON node_field_data.nid = node.nid
GROUP BY node.nid, node_field_data.changed, node_field_data_langcode
ORDER BY node_field_data.nid DESC;

Any idea how to get it?