8 – How can I allow users to specify image dimensions in CKEditor

I have a use case where content editors have a requirement to specify the height and the width of an image in the image properties. Sticking to styles is not possible because $reasons.

The CKEditor demo has this:

CKEditor demo with dimensions option

But the Drupal 8 image properties looks rather sparse in comparison.

Drupal 8 image properties

I’ve looked all over for this for hours, and this is the first time I’ve had to write my own Drupal Answers question!

Does anyone know how we can expose the option to set width and height in CKEditor?

I’m aware of IMCE – but expected behaviour of the module in Drupal 8 is to use IMCE for file upload only – once an image is placed, image properties is handled by CKEditor.

There is a YouTube video where someone has managed to configure CKEditor to use IMCE’s image properties: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eTfQ7Y4i5I but there’s no instructions on how this was achieved, and a comment-or asked but has been hanging for a year.

I’m totally new to Drupal 8, would like to know how to do this! And then I’ll figure out how to make sure the change isn’t reverted next time core is patched :]