8 – How to rewrite a Views RSS?

The RSS Views Feeds are very restricted. I created an RSS Views Feed to display the Message (https://www.drupal.org/project/message).

I want to rewrite the RSS Views Feed and I want to display the RSS Message View mode.

I created a template for my Views :


I don’t know how to make the RSS message display mode in this template.

Here is the RSS template for Messages.

message--mas-create-node--rss.html.twig :

  <title>{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:title', {message: message}) }}</title>
  <link>{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:url', {message: message}) }}</link>
  <description>{{ drupal_token('message:field_node_reference:entity:content-type', {message: message}) }}</description>
  <pubDate>{{ drupal_token('message:created:since', {message: message}) }}</pubDate>
  <dc:creator>{{ drupal_token('message:author:display-name', {message: message}) }}</dc:creator>
  <enclosure url="{{ drupal_token('message:rss-node-render', {message: message}) }}" length="3180" type="image/jpeg"/>
  <guid isPermaLink="true">{{ drupal_token('message:url:absolute', {message: message}) }}</guid>

The RSS Feed markup in Views is very bad. It only works on node display modes and does not manage images. It does not allow tokens to be used to rewrite fields.

How to completely rewrite my Views and display the RSS display modes for my Messages ?