8 – I installed Solr for the Search API Solr can someone can give me hints what i could have done wrong?

I’m currently running a CentOS 7 serveur with cPanel on it and with drupal 8 on it. I installed Solr 8.8.1 and i can access the admin page where i an able to create core. I installed the search API through composer

When I try to use the Solr server via the search API i face an error with server Connection.

I tried a lot of configuration in the server edit of drupal, tried with Basic Auth and standard, via localhost, IP and domain name but i’m still not able to connect to the solr server.

Everything i do i face this error : “The Solr server could not be reached or is protected by your service provider.”

By chance, i am the service provider and i checked if firewall blocked it but it does not seems to.

I’m pretty sorry to bother you all with that but i’m pretty noobish with Solr and Drupal and i’m lacking of answer regarding this issue. Can someone try to give me hint on something I could have done wrong?

Also i’m sorry for my grammar, i’m not a native so my english could be a bit broken.

Thanks a lot to anyone who could help me with that. I’m trying to learn.

I can provide any piece of information needed to give me hint on how i can make this work