8 – Is it possible to migrate data into multiple translations of entities?

I’m running a multilingual migration of events (which are stored as nodes) that have keywords on them where there are keywords (stored as terms). The keywords should be stored in a multilingual tags vocabulary.

The source is a REST API, and what I have for the keyword data looks like this:

array (
 'id' => 'yso:p360',
 'alt_labels' => 
 array (
 'created_time' => '2014-06-23T11:37:29.198000Z',
 'last_modified_time' => '2014-06-23T11:37:29.198000Z',
 'aggregate' => false,
 'deprecated' => false,
 'n_events' => 11709,
 'data_source' => 'yso',
 'image' => NULL,
 'name' => 
 array (
   'fi' => 'kulttuuritapahtumat',
   'en' => 'cultural events',
   'sv' => 'kulturevenemang',
 '@id' => 'https://api.hel.fi/linkedevents/v1/keyword/yso:p360/',
 '@context' => 'http://schema.org',
 '@type' => 'Keyword',

Is there some way to use for example EntityGenerate to create all the translations of the tags when importing the original languages of the events that has these tags?


I would like to avoid migrating all the keywords first. We only import a subset of the events, and we are only interested in the keywords that are used by those events.

The normal way of D8 migrations with multilingual sources is to create a configuration for each translation. This doesn’t work in our case, as I chose to use entity_generate for the tags. If you have another suggestion, I am interested.