8 – Jquery to move field above the table – changes during page refresh

I have the below jquery code to move a multiselect field and a button above the table.

  $('#views-form-resources-block-1 .form-item-ka-types').insertBefore($('#views-form-myblock-block-1 table'));
  $('#views-form-resources-block-1 #edit-actions--2').insertAfter($('#views-form-myblock-block-1 .form-item-ka-types'));

In this code I am moving the ka-types field above myblock view. Pictorial representation as below:

enter image description here

This code works fine when I load the page at first. But when I refresh the page, the multiselect comes down and shows messed up. again when I refresh the page it works fine. not sure what the problem is. Any help on how this can be fixed?