8 – programmatically add vocabulary terms as new columns in views data export

I have a node type witch have a field reference to a taxonomy, I want to export those nodes using views_data_export module (the easiest way I found) in a specific format: every node field in new column(this is what views data export does by default) + every term in a new column.
so the csv will look like that:

node_field1 node_field2 node_field_N term_name_1 term_name_2 term_name_N
field value field value field value X X
field value field value field value X

The “X” mark in first row for example, is a check mark means that the field reference of the first node has the values term_1 & term_N

What I know to add view field programmatically, is to create a custom views plugin that handle your new “calculated” field, and each field need a class plugin. But in my case, I have a dynamic number of fields witch are the vocabulary terms!

How I can achieve that? Thanks in advance.