8 – Set cookie inside webform handler

Following up with my previous question, I need to set and retrieve a cookie in two difference places:

  • set – inside postSave() in a Webform handler
  • get – inside an event subscriber.

In looking around, it seems that there are a few different options for tools, such as SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationResponse and SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationCookie, or GuzzleHttpCookieSetCookie and GuzzleHttpCookieCookieJar.

For setting the cookie, if I try this in my webform handler:

$values = $webform_submission->getData();

$response = new Response();
$cookie = new Cookie('Dixon customer info form', $values('destination_url'), 0, '/' , NULL, FALSE);

I get redirected to a blank page. If I try this:

$values = $webform_submission->getData();

$cookie_jar = new CookieJar();
  // Get the current host.
  $host = Drupal::request()->getSchemeAndHttpHost();

  // Set a cookie for the specific form.
  $cookie = new SetCookie((
    'Name' => 'formEnterCookie',
    'Value' => $values('destination_url'),
    'Domain' => $host,
    'Secure' => FALSE,

no cookie gets set. Using either option, how do I set my cookie within my webform handler?