8 – The product attribute field can not be removed from the product

I've created the first product type where products can have multiple variations. It has product variations and product attributes "taste" and it works well.

Then I created a second product by duplicating the first one (because the first one has many fields and I did not want to recreate them). Second, however, one should not allow variations. So I:

  • Enabled "Each product may have multiple variations." on the second product (but even if this is checked, is there still a Product Variation Type drop-down list?)
  • The variation type was deleted, but then switched to "standard".
  • By default, I have disabled the Flavor field.
  • When editing the product attribute "Flavor", only the first product variation type is selected.
  • It was even attempted to delete and re-create the product attribute Flavor.

But no matter what I do when I try to create a new product in the second product type, I have this taste dropdown and it is a required field ?!

How can you get rid of this field?