8 – TypeError for Argument 2 in Solarium Client

I’m trying to start a client using Search_api_solr v4.1 and Solarium v6.0 but I keep getting a TypeError.

TypeError: Argument 2 passed to SolariumCoreClientClient::__construct() 
must be an instance of PsrEventDispatcherEventDispatcherInterface, 
instance of SymfonyComponentEventDispatcherEventDispatcher given

I’m not quite sure why. it’s expecting an instance of PsrEventDispatcherEventDispatcherInterface when all the documentation says to use SymfonyComponentEventDispatcherEventDispatcher.

My adapter and event Dispatcher is as below

use SolariumClient;
use SolariumCoreClientAdapterCurl;
use SymfonyComponentEventDispatcherEventDispatcher; 

$adapter = new Curl();
$eventDispatcher = new EventDispatcher();

$config = ('endpoint' => ('localhost' => (
                'host' => $id,
                'port' => $port,
                'path' => '/',
                'collection' => '$core',),),);

$search = new Client($adapter, $eventDispatcher, $config);
$query = $search->createSelect();

Has anyone else ran into this issue or knows a fix for this?