8 – You must disable the automatic preview in local development views in settings.php

Can I add a setting in settings.php to disable automatic preview in views? I know that this can be changed under / views / settings /. But I do not want this configuration to be added to Git. I only want this change on my local site. Something like that.

$ config['system??']['foo']['bar']    = FALSE;

In the settings for views, I deactivated the option "Automatically update preview on changes" and exported the changes. The result is that & # 39; views.settings & # 39; was updated. Below is a part of views.settings.yml

additional_queries: false
advanced_column: true
master_display: true
Performance statistics: wrong
preview_information: true
activated: true
where: below
display_embed: false
always_live_preview: false
exposed_filter_any_label: old_any

The setting may look something like this.

$ config['views.settings']['ui']['always_live_preview']    = FALSE;