9 – Displaying child taxonomy terms via filter criteria in a content view– with other vocabularies

I have a content view with specific teaser options I created with the help of the Display Suite module. My goal is to have filter criteria dropdowns that allow the user to select certain taxonomy terms from each vocabulary.

My main challenge right now is that one of my taxonomy vocabs has both parent and child terms. Like this:

City 1:
- Price #1
- Price #2
City 2:
- Price #3
- Price #4

I’ve read many guides that explained how to use either taxonomy term depth and/or contextual filters in order to get this to work as a dropdown option, but none of them have worked. My additional challenge here that I haven’t seen addressed in many other questions is that I also need the above specific information listed alongside all of my other taxonomy terms in the view–which, to be clear, have only parent terms and no child terms.

Any help appreciated.