9 – Layout Builder QuickEditIntegration can’t process components for Quick Edit

This is a Drupal 9.2 site.

I have a content type that is displayed with Layout Builder. When I view it in default mode, the Quick Edit option does not appear in the contextual menu. This is because none of the fields have the data-quickedit-field-id attribute.

I spent a couple of days chasing this down. Apparently the issue comes up in this function in core/modules/layout_builder/src/QuickEditIntegration.php.

  private function supportQuickEditOnComponent(array $component, FieldableEntityInterface $entity) {
    if (isset($component('content')('#field_name'), $component('#base_plugin_id')) && $component('#base_plugin_id') === 'field_block' && $entity->hasField($component('content')('#field_name'))) {
      return $entity->getFieldDefinition($component('content')('#field_name'))->isDisplayConfigurable('view');
    return FALSE;

When entityViewAlter calls supportQuickEditOnComponent, the $component array contains an unexpected nested array…

snapshot of JSON structure

and all the stuff that’s supposed to be inside content is instead nested in a subarray (0). As a result of that, the function returns false and none of the fields get added to $plugin_ids_to_update and thus they are not parsed inside this loop in entityViewAlter:

  foreach ($plugin_ids_to_update as $delta => $regions) {
    foreach ($regions as $region => $uuids) {
      foreach ($uuids as $uuid => $component) {
        $build('_layout_builder')($delta)($region)($uuid)('content')('#view_mode') = static::getViewModeId($entity, $display, $delta, $uuid, $sections_hash);

… which is where the view mode ID is assigned that enables that data-quickedit-field-id attribute to be added by Quick Edit later.

I’ve “fixed” this by hacking QuickEditIntegration.php in two places, collapsing the subarray (0) into the main $component array. I know this is not the right way to do it. What could be causing these Layout Builder components to be populated into a subarray instead of where QuickEditIntegration is expecting to find them?