A lottery game where you can earn!

Introduce a smart contract-driven game with to earn and lottery Opportunity.

The game is called FortuneSeat. URL: http://ethergames.online/fortuneseat.

Ethereum only You must use Chrome with the Metamask extension to play. Game rules are simple:

0.02ETH a seat divided into different parts:

55% go to the lottery
15% receive the bonus for the last entry
5% for redirects, developer and contract running costs
0-25% equal share of existing tickets (seats)
Remaining reserve for the next lottery

Each countdown starts at 10 hours, each seat increases by 10 seconds.

When the countdown is pulled to zero (lottery time), one of the seats (lot) takes the lottery prize. The last holder of the ticket (seat) receives the bonus and all possessions are destroyed and the next round begins.

No registration is required. Simple, fair and no scams. Powered by smart contract and do not be afraid of runaway! Also the website is gone, the Smart Contract is still running. It may not be as high as other HYIP programs, but it is much more solid. You earn as long as the round is not over. You have the chance to win the lottery when the round is over.

You can also earn from your referrals. Just use the link http://ethergames.online/fortuneseat/?ref=

Please use mine if you decide to play:

Good luck and have fun!