A Man Brutally Assaults A 65-year-old Asian Woman In The Middle Of The Street

A man brutally assaults a 65-year-old Asian woman in the middle of the street

At least two people watched the attack without doing anything to prevent it or to help the woman.
The New York Police are investigating the case as a hate crime and warn that attacks on Asians are increasing.
Another Asian man was assaulted in the New York subway on the same day until he was knocked unconscious.

In broad daylight and on a busy street in Midtown Manhattan (New York), a 65-year-old Asian woman has been brutally assaulted by a man who, according to the police, uttered “anti-Asian insults”, as recorded in the American media CBS NEWS

The New York Police have asked for citizen collaboration to find the suspect, publishing on their Twitter account a video captured by the security camera of a hotel in front of which the attack took place in which the man is observed shooting at the woman kicks to the ground and then kicks him several more. While this is happening, two hotel workers observe the events without intervening, and even close the door when the man is walking away and the woman tries to get up.

Source: https://www.20minutos.es/noticia/4640386/0/…os-plena-calle/