accessibility – Should a Carousel hide visibly hidden content from screen readers

There’s a carousel on the site I am on which does as most accessible carousels, visibly hidden items are also hidden from screen readers (in this case using aria-hidden). This seems to be the normal suggestion for all carousels which strikes me as weird.

First off the elements in the carousel are statically present in the DOM, so it is just a list of elements that could be read sequentially.

Second of all the display of carousel items is done using css transforms, meaning that from a screen readers viewpoint I don’t think you end up with anything actually changing position in reading order, so you shouldn’t lose the context of where you are – example transform:

transform: translate3d(-200%, 0px, 0px); 

Should the Screen reader still be forced to treat this as a carousel, or can it just read it as a list of content in a region?