adb – How can i get back my files from userdata dump (dumepd via LGUP)?

A while ago i soft bricked my LG V30, then before i flashed a new Rom i created a LGUP dump which gave me lots of files includung a 54 GB userdata file.
The phone is currently up and running with the new Rom after a factory reset, the thing i am after are my Files that are in the Userdata dump.

What i have tried/googled:

  1. I have mounted the system Partition as EXT4 under Ubuntu which has worked perfectly fine, but when i try this with the userdata it doesnt work.
  2. I have read that it is possible to (somehow) create a flashable KDZ or TOT file that apparently can be put back on the phone. I had no luck finding a tool or any instructions on how to do this.
  3. I have heard that you can push a partition to the Phone via ADB. This went similar to #2 as i wasnt able to find any instructions or something like that on google.
  4. Also i have tried to mount the userdata file on my phone through the ADB shell, but this wasnt successful because the shell doesnt have root permissions.
  5. I also have tried the partition dl feature in LGUP with the phone in Download mode but UP gives me an error that the file isnt in a KDZ or TOT format.

Can anyone help? I am desperately trying to get my files back.
Does anyone know why the mount under Linux doesnt work? This would be the easyest way to get the files.