adb – How can I install DTC on my device

So I’ve been trying to do this for several hours now and am on the verge of giving up so I thought I’d ask here.

I’m using a device that has android 4.4 kitkat if it was on android 5 i could really easily use termux for this but sadly it’s not so what I’ve done is the following on a linux pc:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install qemu-user-static debootstrap
sudo qemu-debootstrap --arch armhf bionic eabi-chroot
sudo chroot eabi-chroot
sudo install git
cd /home
git clone
cd swig
sudo apt install automake
sudo apt-get install bison flex
sudo make install
sudo apt install python3-dev
cd /home
git clone git://
cd dtc
adb push ~/eabi-chroot/home/dtc/dtc /storage/emulated/legacy
adb shell
cd /
mount -o,remount,rw /system
cp /storage/emulated/legacy/dtc /system/bin
chmod 777 /system/bin/dtc

But if I try and run dtc i get the following:

enter image description here

So I did:

cd /system/bin
find dtc

enter image description here

And it can find it so I did


enter image description here

And as u can see it can’t find it? Why is this whats going on and how can I fix it so I can use DTC on my android device