adb – Unable to get oem unlock data

I am dealing with a Motorola X4 that says “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and will not boot.” when ever I try to boot it up. I am able to get the device into fastboot mode, and I can use fastboot on my computer to see the device info, but when I try ./fastboot oem get_unlock_data I get:

(bootloader) Failed to get unlock data.
OKAY (  0.002s)
Finished. Total time: 0.002s

And when I try ./fastboot oem unlock I get:

(bootloader) Check 'OEM unlocking' in Android Settings > Developer
(bootloader) Options
OKAY (  0.001s)
Finished. Total time: 0.001s

Since the phone will not boot, I cannot turn it on to change the Android settings. I am also unable to get the device to be detected by adb. Is there anything else I can do from here to get the OEM unlock code?