adb – Where is data for various APK components – service activity broadcast & content receivers Stored?

As I understand
Every APK install is associated with these components. Trying to figure out precisely where they are stored.

Broadcast receivers
Content receivers 

For most apps through third party I am able to enable and disable these

But for certain APK which are /system APK‘s I am unable to save my settings .
They flip back to their default settings where all the undesirable components which are actually spyware are selected

So here are my questions

— for a specific APK install , how do I enlist the names of APK components – services activities , content and broadcast receivers using ADB shell commands

—what would be a switch to disable them using ADB shell commands & ensure my settings are saved
—lastly for certain APK‘s that is /system/priv-apps I am unable to to save my settings. What would be the reason. Do I need to chmodthe octals or remount rw

—where are these components stored APK folders …..
/system/app , /system/priv-apps , /data/app OR data folders - /data/app

I am attaching the screenshot of certain components whose settings I can’t save

Appcomponent screenshot
 .....Another screenshot