address – I need help with an bitcoin open book exam

I am completely new to bitcoin and by extension cryptocurrency, but I am slowly getting my head around certain things. My problem is I am currently doing an open book exam and I am free to use any resources available to me. One of the questions asked was “What is the address with the path m/0/2 for the following wallet: zpub6nQF4m3JT6hTkQ4o9Vc8LDMQx7nMkT5CsnPgVHnnrpF9JHeP6ioboEK2CXB34Xn6nzqcJnLPuMqQaKqBhwvZR7GJNvSeRUpDpCaVu3N3stz”? Is there a way to find this out or is this a trick question since from the hours of research I have done so far I have found that zpub and xpub keys are used to generate actual public addresses. Can you please point me in the right direction?