address – Specifying delivery addresses on channel closes – includes force closes?


We see this block of text:

Typically the addresses used in this cooperative close transaction are
generated freshly for each channel being closed. However, it’s also
possible for both sides to lock in a “delivery” address to be used to
send their cooperatively settled funds to. Within the TLV namespace of
both the open_channel and accept_channel messages, both sides are free
to specify an “upfront shutdown script”. Commonly, this address is
derived from keys that reside in cold storage. This practice serves to
increase the security of channels: if a channel partner is somehow
hacked, then the hacker isn’t able to cooperatively close the channel
using an address they control. Instead, the uncompromised honest
channel partner will refuse to cooperate on a channel closure if the
specified upfront shutdown address isn’t used. This feature
effectively creates a “closed loop”, restricting the flow of funds out
of a given channel.

It seems like delivery addresses are only for cooperative closes based on this text. Can you still specify a delivery addresses for any close type, including force close?