Adjust CauchyDistribution to the data list to determine the peak

I have a list of data in the form, like these {{-3,12}, {- 3.01,13.4}, {- 3.04,13.6}, …}, where the x value is the time and the y value is current.

FindPeak gives me tips for everydata point I have and FindFit doenst give me the right value I value by looking at the listlineplot of the record.

Any tips on how to put a Cauchy distribution over my list or how to find the tips that it should be 2. the rest is just background noise and is 3-10mV while the peaks are at 80mV and should follow a Cauchy distribution.

Thanks for all the tips … I've been searching the internet for the last 3 hours of searching to find a solution to this problem …