ag.algebraic geometry – Motivic cohomology of rigid analytic spaces

There is a satisfactory theory of B1-homotopy theory for rigid analytic spaces defined by Ayoub in the style of Voevodsky, and I’m aware of some work about the corresponding theory of motives, e.g. the very interesting papers of Vezzani (1, 2). However, I’m unable to find any reference analogous to Lecture notes on motivic cohomology for the resulting cohomological theory. In particular, are there similar descriptions for some low-dimensional motivic cohomology groups? Are there known/predicted vanishing results? Coniveau or Bloch-style complexes? What about computations of motivic cohomology groups for simple spaces like $mathbb{G}_m$, projective space, maybe even Drinfeld’s $p$-adic upper half space?

I guess probably a number of results carry over verbatim just due to the general formalism, but I’m not well-versed enough in the details of the constructions to understand which ones.