agile – Productivity – Pushing towards 3 (at max 4) completed requests followed by code commits in a span of 8 hour interval on novel support requests

Right now, I am at a point of realization, that at my present position I am not completing requests with regular interval, have spaced out request completion. But to approach my true ability I want to try to in the course of a day, going for my first attempt, to push my ability to push out 3 moderate sized commits in a span of 1 workday (8 hours).

It is fair to mention that I work with vanilla PHP, MySQL and Oracle with no framework other than jQuery. And that at present I have taken ample research time, that I can hone in on.

One commit corresponds to an incoming support request received by email, some which are outstanding but not ready for commit. Right now I am including uncommitted finished support requests that will be pushed through first.

Proposed Solution to enhance my productivity (check back immediately by email with manager or requester if I spend more than 10 minutes on a portion each step without comfortable progress)

Preparatory Work for process of steps I have identified, with bullet points specified at first

Identify 4 support requests in inbox and email back log to resolve, considering priority and time to completion. Check with Manager or requester throughout.

For each support request

10 Minutes

  1. Read the email one or two times and write in my own words the problem requested. Open web page of target request to verify problem encountered. Write down questions and clarification needed in step 1…

5 Minutes

  1. Create bulleted points of the request to capture the scope of the the current problem (when I do this..this happens), along with the along with bulleted requirement points that I created (this should happen instead…)

5 Minutes

  1. Once received, begin formulating a phrased bulleted requirements list break down each specific requirement and ask by requester if the phrased bulleted requirements capture the scope of the solution

  2. Email requester with a brief email addressing 0), 1), 2) asking if I understand both problem and solution correctly and completely and wait for response and make necessary revisions before proceeding.

5 Minutes

  1. Write test case list for proposed solution

5 Minutes

  1. Test plan adhere to each test case (directly driven by requirements)

10 minutes

  1. Write pseudocode and draw flow chart (half page, one page respectively)

10 minutes

  1. Write out language specific (PHP primarily, and SQL) lines of code to match step 5

30 Minutes

  1. Perform code entry for list of bulleted feature requirements points and incrementally verify inserted code lines into proper code region with testing against test cases

10 minutes

  1. Once all cases have passed required functionality…
    Validate by self the complete implemented solution against principal desired function to check if the
    understood and desired functionality was met

    Once validated, share workable solution with requester or manager independently validate that solution functions as intended

  1. If not, then get clarification and revise solution starting from step 6
  1. If yes, then begin commit process to appropriate branches
  1. Move to next support request