ai – Behavior tree: why?

Taken from a reddit thread: “Most of the non-blackboard AI functions are really buggy anyways, and I was only able to get error tolerant AI using the behavior tree.”

  • this indicates that if using Behavior trees, it is harder to make bad errors in your AI

Taken from a reddit thread: “In my (admittedly very limited) experience, it’s biggest benefit is that it’s a tool designed around creating AI specifically. It makes you structure your logic in a way that is visually easier to troubleshoot in simulation as your AI gets more complicated.. but logically I don’t think it does anything magical that couldn’t be done without it.”

  • this also indicates the same and also that the more complex your AI, the more Behavior trees shine.

Advantages of using behavior tree? So far it’s more work than it’s worth. from unrealengine