air travel – Taking large sum of dollars from the US to a country that is under economic sanctions

I am going to fly from one of the US airport to IRAN (with a connection in Doha, Qatar). As you know IRAN is not a normal country, as per its relation with the US.
I am planning to take a relatively large amount of money (+50,000 in US dollars) with me in handbag. I have investigated IRAN’s custom regulation, and it is fine with them.
However, I am not sure if the US allows me to do it or not. As per this link (, I could not find any restrictions on taking large sum of money to IRAN, other than filling out the form fincen105.
SO, here I am double-checking with the experts to see if there is anything I am missing here.
I am an IRANIAN citizen and a US green card applicant (my case is pending), if that helps.