air travel – Where can I view quarantine or other COVID-19 requirements for airline crew?

According to the comment section, a equivalent of mentioning quarantine or other COVID-19 requirements for airline crew for any country would be infeasible, because:

  1. Some countries don’t make such policies publicly available,
  2. The policy may dependent on the airline.


If you’re air crew, then quarantine requirements would be something taken care of by your employer. Not all countries have to advertise their policy, nor do they have to apply the same policy to all airlines. – Greg Hewgill May 18 at 2:30

This led me to this follow-up question: Why would a country apply different quarantine policies for airline crews to different airlines?

Answer in the comment section:

Obvious potential answers are the origin country’s sanitary situation, reciprocity and company policies (e.g. regarding regular testing of crews, movement restrictions/bubbles). – xngtng 2 days ago