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Start: Mar 19th, 2021

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About Program:


Alfa-invest is a fairly young and promising closed-end investment fund. The company’s activities are focused on obtaining investment investments and subsequent financing of microcredit organizations. Each issued and returned microloan brings profit, which we distribute among our investors. Alfa-invest employs a total of 37 people. There are 2 analytical departments, managers, accountants, financiers with extensive experience. Our team consists exclusively of professionals who know how and want to earn on credit services. The main advantage of our fund is the use of high-tech software to separate profitable microcredit organizations from unprofitable ones. The Programming and Development Department regularly updates the software and monitors the actualization of the data. We actively use Big Data in our work. Thanks to the joint work of professionals and the program, we can guarantee our investors a stable income, which depends on the amount of investment and the chosen investment plan. Ensure your financial independence with us.

Investment plans:

To start earning, just top up your balance and buy a certificate for the desired amount from $ 10 to $ 10,000. Thanks to the accrual system, a profit of 1.2% of the amount of your certificate will be credited to it every day at 20:00 Moscow time. Certificates are valid for 180 days.

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Berty Cash

Payouts: Instant. Payments once a week (based on the results of the financial week on Friday)

Investment Plans: 1.2% daily for 180 days
Principal Return: At the end
Charging: Calendar days

Minimal Spend: $10
Maximal Spend: $10,000
Referral: 7-2%
Withdrawal: Manual

Payment systems: Advanced Cash | Bank Wire | Perfect Money

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Date : 03/19/2021 20:33
From/To Account : U29943486
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 378275771
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Пополнение счета через PerfectMoney пользователем sqmonitor на 200.00 USD.
Payment ID : 61

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Date : 04/02/2021 05:04
From/To Account : U29943486
Amount : 10.70
Currency : USD
Batch : 382128873
Memo : API Payment. Выплата с проекта Alfa-invest.
Payment ID : 1617339442

Date : 04/02/2021 05:03
From/To Account : U29943486
Amount : 9.60
Currency : USD
Batch : 382128733
Memo : API Payment. Выплата с проекта Alfa-invest.
Payment ID : 1617339364

Date : 03/24/2021 16:27
From/To Account : U29943486
Amount : 9.60
Currency : USD
Batch : 379496589
Memo : API Payment. Выплата с проекта Alfa-invest.
Payment ID : 1616606418

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