algorithm – Finding inorder successor of a BST in C

Please review this code

I have written a function to find the successor of BST in c. It takes three arguments, i.e root pointer to the binary search tree, node value of which we have to find a successor and parent pointer (for first call it is also root pointer. It will return an integer that is the successor of the node value give.

 * find Successor of BST, complex: o(h)
 * @param rootPtr root pointer of BST
 * @param parent_node parent node of the subtree (root node should be passed by default)
 * @param nodeValue node val to find successor
 * @return succsor
int find_successor_h(BSTNode * rootPtr, int data, BSTNode * parent_node) {
  if (rootPtr == NULL) return data;
  int rt;

  if (data < rootPtr -> data)
    rt = find_successor_h(rootPtr -> left_child, data, rootPtr);
  else if (data > rootPtr -> data)
    rt = find_successor_h(rootPtr -> right_child, data, rootPtr);
  else {
    if (rootPtr -> right_child != NULL)
      return minBST(rootPtr -> right_child);
    else if (rootPtr != parent_node)
      return INT_MIN;
      return data;

  if (rt == INT_MIN)
    return INT_MAX;

  if (rt == INT_MAX)
    return parent_node -> data;