Algorithms – Check subset total for special array

I tried to solve the following problem.

We get N and A (0)

N <= 5000
A(0) <= 10^6 and even 
if i is odd then 
A(i) >= 3 * A(i-1)
if i is even
A(i)= 2 * A(i-1) + 3 * A(i-2)
element at odd index must be odd and at even it must be even.

We have to minimize the sum of the array.

and we are given Q numbers

 Q <= 1000
 X<= 10^18

We need to determine if it is possible to get subset sum = X from our array.

What I have tried

Creating a minimum sum array is easy. Just follow the equations and limitations.

The approach I know for subset-sum is dynamic programming with the time complexity sum * sizeof (array), but since sum can be as large as 10 ^ 18, this approach does not work.

Is there an equation relationship that I'm missing?