algorithms – How to find diffrenet ways to implement merge and delete_min operation in binomial heap?

I have searched on the internet to find different ways to learn binomial heap operations. What I have found is not quite helpful for me.For example, for delete min operation the algorithm says:

  1. Search through the roots of binomial trees and find the smallest key and call it x.Remove the x from the tree.
  2. Create a new empty heap H’.
  3. Reverse the order of x’s children and set the head of H’ to point to the head of the resulting list.
  4. Merge H’ with H.

enter image description here
On paper everthing seems logical and understandable. I also use some visualization websites-like this- to see how things work yet when it comes to coding -especially with C- things start to be seen harder. I could find some codes written in C and I also used them in my projects but I am not satisfied since I couldn’t understand them fully.Writing and using these algorithms makes me feel inadequate for my future job.

Also for other algorithms I don’t know how to understand algorithms and put them in code-I don’t even know how these things will help me in 21st century’s corporate world-.

My questions is how should I approach these powerful algorithms and use them?