algorithms – How to modify the following Dijkstra/ Uniform-cost search to return the result for all end points?

I know there is a lot of code out there that does this, but in particular, I’m trying to modify the following code to not just return the goal node/ one end point, but all endpoints. How do I go about it? I tried thinking of keeping a seen/visited set, but that seems redundant and kills the whole point of the reached map.

def best_first_search(problem, f):
    "Search nodes with minimum f(node) value first."
    node = Node(problem.initial)
    frontier = PriorityQueue((node), key=f)
    reached = {problem.initial: node}
    while frontier:
        node = frontier.pop()
        if problem.is_goal(node.state):
            return node
        for child in expand(problem, node):
            s = child.state
            if s not in reached or child.path_cost < reached(s).path_cost:
                reached(s) = child
    return failure