All kinds of 2key controls

I want to find all possible ways to control a game using 2 keys on input.

1. Summarize the problem

I find a brand new game engine that has only two inputs but great potential! And the community of this engine needs as many control methods as possible. I want to find, develop and share all of them! (Player may control not only character but any possible types of game.)

2. Provide details and any research

Сapabilities of keys:

  • press one key (short hold)
  • hold one key
  • press both keys (short hold)
  • hold both

Input method: 2 keys on a keyboard or 2 halves of sensor screen.

3. When appropriate, describe what you’ve tried

Examples of existing methods (dir -> direction):

  • key1: switch dir (right, down, left, up, right, down, …); key2: move
  • key1: switch dir (right, left, right, left, …); key2: move
  • key1: left move; key2: right move
  • key1: turn left; key2: turn right; hold both: move forward

If you have any ideas, please, leave the answers!