amazon web services – Node.js – AWS SNS Only HTTPS EndPoint not receiving any data from AWS, if Used HTTP, working perfectly fine

Issue: I’m not receiving any subscription confirmation token data on HTTPs endpoint. I’ve tested using HTTP and it’s receiving all data.

What I’ve tried already:

  1. whole AWS documentation tried [each & every step]
  2. finding through google and spent so much time on that, then I came here!
  3. I’m using EC2 and instance is public means can hit get/post request from Postman and on browser, so it’s not that issue, i’m sure.
  4. disabled my anti-malware and still HTTP receiving the request meaning my firewall isn’t blocking any AWS sending request mechanism
  5. tried on different ports, HTTP works fine, HTTPS doesn’t!

My primary educated guess is that the culprit is the SSL Certificate, because in aws documentation, they mentioned that if the CA is not recognizable from AWS then they might not send the data. I’m using .PFX file with passphrase.