Android 11 supports creation time (crtime/btime) for local folders and files?

is there a way on Android 11 (OnePlus 8T) for file manager to display creation time for local folders and files?

Is there in recent years the support?

Because have an iOS 14 device and use macOS 10.15 devices and the Files app and Finder shows here for local folders and files the creation time (crtime/btime).
Just like my KDE neon 5.20 and Linux Mint 20.

Are there any improvements in mtp protocol under Android 11, because so far I have heard that it is very sluggish from the user’s point of view. For example, if a user copies a large file to computer (Windows 10) and at the same time copies another large file in parallel to computer, it does not work. It comes a message that you have to wait for the first copy process.