android – How do you sideload apk files in Windows 11?

How can I sideload an .apk file on Windows 11?

I have an apk file for an Android game I’m working on which has both arm & x86 support.
Windows 11 can run Android apps, so I decided upgraded to Windows 11 to test my game.
When I download the file on my phone, I can sideload the .apk file easily once I enable sideloaded apps.

However when I load the same file on Windows 11, it says “How do you want to open this file?” and lets me select programs from a list which is the way Windows behaves for any file extension Windows doesn’t recognize.


  • Windows 11 was only released to developers two weeks ago, so answers to this question could change if you’re reading this after July, 2021.
  • I haven’t tested the .apk file on an x86 Android or Chrome OS device, but the unzipped .apk does contain a lib/x86_64 directory with the Godot library. Windows should give a different error if the .apk file were malformed.