android – Migration of Chrome Apps

Removal of Chrome Apps support by Google.

Coming this year, Google will stop supporting Chrome Apps. It is adviced to migrate your application to either Android or a Progressive Web App (PWA).

We are currently deploying a Chrome App through the Mobile Device Management (MDM) of Google. When the chromebook powers on the only thing that starts is the application. The application also boots into kiosk mode and does not allow the user to exit the application without powering off their device.

We are trying to accomplish the same results with Android and PWA but there are some concerns.
For Android we haven’t found the option to boot into kioskmode and force the application to load on startup. Another problem with Android is that when you select the desired application in the MDM panel, the application will install a few days later or not at all. (Device is connected to internet, other policies are instantly received and works.)

Is there a way to achieve so that the user can not select the Android app but gets forced instead upon powering on the device in kioskmode?

For PWA we are missing some features that we are currently using, mainly network discovery and webview. However network discovery can be solved in another way. The main culprit is the webview functionality. We are currently loading in lockdown scripts to the webview that prevents users from copy pasting, drag and dropping in general BUT allowing to do so on specific elements.

What would be the best course of action to migrate the chrome app?