Android play store suggestion needed

Android play store suggestion needed

I got an android app developed recently, which got approved today.
Problem is, last year I got another app developed for same website, which was hosted by the developer itself, in their own play store account.

Now when someone searches for the app by name, both apps come up in play store search.
The older one is listed above the newer one.
So most people might just download that old one.
But I want them to download the new one, hosted in my own play store account.

I do not have any contact with that old developer now.
They suddenly vanished, with no notification, no email responses, no phone contact either.
I don’t think I can tell them to take down the app…
That app probably does not even works now.

What should I do in this situation now?
Is there some way I can convince google to take down the old app instead?
Both apps use a webview, which points to a domain I own.
I can prove that the domain is mine, via web verification, email verification etc…

Any suggestions?