angle – Ionic 3 LocalStorage disappears

I have an application in Ionic 1 that stores some information in the localStorage.
I rewrote the same application on Ionic 3 with the same package ID (Widget ID in config.xml), but if I install the new application over the old one, I lose the localStorage, it is empty.

If I reinstall the old one on the new one, I can see localStorage again. It's like there are other applications, but they have the same package ID and I always install one over the other.

This only happens on mobile devices. Applications do not share the same localStorage. When accessing Google Devtools in the Application tab – Storage – Local Storage, file: // appears when I drag the application created in Ionic 1 and "http: // localhost: 8080". created in Ionic 3.

Is there a special feature in Ionic 3 that can not see / access the local memory of Ionic 1 and vice versa?