anima beyond fantasy – Ki Technique – Long Distance Attack + Projection

First off, want to thank everyone for their answers to me so far – you’ve all been really helpful and fast, and it’s great for a new GM to this system 🙂

This question is about the Ki Power Long Distance Attack. It states that you can add range to your attack, and then for base damage you :

“To Determine a Technique’s long distance base damage, the player
chooses either the damage produced by the hand held weapon, or a value
equivalent to twice the user’s base presence, plus his power bonus
(nevertheless the attack will not observe any of the special rules of
the grasped weapon).”

This brings up several questions :

  1. If the user is making a presence attack, what damage type is used? Is it unarmed? Is it the type of the held weapon? Is it energy?
  2. If the user uses his weapon’s base damage, is strength included? (since power is included in the presence version).
  3. If the user uses his weapon’s base damage, are secondary effects applied, such as say electric damage if you are air attuned and take that power? It says that rules for the weapon aren’t applied but I’m assuming that means like, tripping people or w/e you just get a normal attack…
  4. If the user takes the projection power, and teleports behind the person to make the attack – is it STILL a projectile? If he uses presence, does he actually attack with the weapon? If so, does he use the weapon’s damage type with 2x his presence as base damage? This wording though O_o.

My initial read is this –

If you use a weapon, its weapon BD + str bonus and you apply all effects of the weapon as if it had hit you in melee.

If you use presence, it’s 2x presence + pow bonus and you treat it like unarmed or Energy DT (I can’t decide which)

If you use presence and TP…I’m lost.

Thanks in advance!