[ANN] MyEtherPony | Rewarding digital pet play | Distributed economy – corner of the crypto currencies

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<span style=Bringing ERC 721 to life – MyEtherPony is not just another digital collector's item?

What's special about MyEtherPony?

The main idea of ​​MyEtherPony is to create an entertaining, lasting and rewarding digital pet game that has the blockchain technology and ecosystem in mind. Why not ponies, we thought, who can be more expensive as a pet in real life. And they are cute and smart too!

In MyEtherPony, each pony is unique and differentiated by its appearance and inner abilities with a number of unique "genes". These inner abilities or attributes or values ​​are strength, stamina, speed, temperament, wellness and intelligence. These qualities can be beneficial for a pony in a particular competition. There will be several mini-games where each pony has the chance to win, depending on which status is his main strength.

Dekla's (DKL) Markets, the game currency's innovative tokenomics model, allows our viewers to earn rewards while enjoying MyEtherPony gameplay. In addition to the innovative tokenomics model, our art director and team are constantly preparing special hand-drawn ponies, so you'll always expect surprises.

MyEtherPony Gameplay Highlights:

• For Collectibles – The maximum number of ponies we generate is ONLY 5000.
• Breed – Grow them to explore the various types of pony possible and sell them on a marketplace in an eBay-like bidding system or direct selling.
• Digital Pet Game – Interact, feed, train and care for your ponies and keep them happy. The luck index is important to win competitions.
• Pony mini dueling contest – 1 to 1 duel with another player
• Host the Contest – You can choose to be your own community leader and earn a fee from an organized contest.
• Minigames – Each pony is unique with its inner abilities, elements, different strengths and weaknesses. Our gameplay is designed in a balanced way to fit into the various genre types of players.
• "Unicornisation" – The upgrade mechanics, every pony has the chance to become Unicorn or Pegasus, sometimes both!

Our main development direction is to use the use of pony as the main character in different gameplay. The team believes in a sustainable business model and hopes that the model can bring long term benefits to all participants by:

• Bonuspool, part of the reward returned to the active participant / user
• Earn a fee if you become a game host.
• Be an in-game pet food / toolmaker / pony janitor and earn tokens.

MyEtherPony is a sharing economy: Enjoy the fun and be rewarded for your participation!

The idea behind MyEtherPony is to entertain the public by using blockchain for cryptocurrency community. We hope the community will be deeply involved in the game and work hand in hand to build a better blockchain community. It also informs the public about the knowledge and functionality of intelligent contracts by establishing and providing player-relevant rules through intelligent contracts through a simple graphical user interface. We wanted to continue the blockchain training as usual.

MyEtherPony is now open for pre-sales with 8.8% bonus brands myetherpony.io https://myetherpony.io
Get them early to bid on ponies. The more chips you have, the higher the chance you have a pony. The pony auction is scheduled to start in early November 2018.

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