ANNOUNCEMENT – Grab your cut from 1,500,000 BMF Points pool. | Proxies-free

Dear BMFers,

Thank you for your interest in the new referral contest, I know a lot of you guys expect a new referral contest however we decided to push the funds into increased rewards until 28 Feb 2021. This means for posting quality reviews in below sections you will earn between 100 and 200 BMF Points. (before was only 50 BMF)

List of activated forum sections for increased rewards: (your own site) (your own money-making journey) (no blogs, no ptp forums) (no apps under 100k downloads)

The minimum number of characters is only 500 to grab the reward. That’s about 100 words. A thread must fully describe the company you review, and because companies have plenty of features will be very easy to achieve this small limit of words.

Grab your cut from 1,500,000 BMF Points pool.
Increased rewards will be active until 28 Feb, 2021.

BMF Team